Bench Gym with Free Weights.

WeightMaster Bench Gym with Free Weights, get 100kg of free weights including Dumbbell Bars, Curl Bars and Long Bars with all these exercises built-in Bench Press, Butterfly Bars, Leg, Curl Extensions, Bicep Curls and Lat Pulldown with Free Delivery.

This Bench Gym with Free Weights has a seven position inclined bench press so you can set the bench press to any of seven different levels from flat to upright and any position in between.

WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights including Dumbbell Bars, Curl Bars, Long Bars

WeightMaster Bench Gym with Free Weights.

You can do bicep curls and when done remove the bicep armrest.

It's a tough and strong all steel made bench gym with a one year warranty.

Included with the bench gym is a full weight set including 100kg of free weights and one long bar, one curl bar, two dumbbell bars, four 10kg weights, eight 5kg weights, six 2.5kg weights, four 1.25kg weights and quick lock collars.

There's a butterfly bar and lateral pulldown bar, there's a bench press with locking rests so you can bench press weights safely on your own putting the bar down on the rests in between repetitions.

The included pullbar lets you do bicep curls and preacher curls. You can do leg flexion and leg extension bar exercises and use the thick comfortable pads for protection.

You can use the free weights included and any standard one inch whole weight.
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