Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench.

Buy the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench the Mini Gym Workout Bench, Budget Priced Home Gym Equipment.

If your looking for a weight bench that also has features of a mini gym and all for the budget price you would expect to pay for a standard weight bench then buy the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench.
Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench, Mini Gym Workout Bench.

Mini Gym Workout Bench, Budget Priced Home Gym Equipment.

You get a press bar with locking bar rest that's fully height adjustable from lifting whilst on your back on the bench to lifting whilst standing and with the locking bar rests there is no danger of weights falling of the rests which is especially important when the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench is used in a home environment.

You also get a leg curl station and a leg extension station and on either side of the weight bench your find butterfly bars for chest presses whilst you're lying on the weight bench, there's a lovely big arm curl station with solid and comfortable padding for the arm curls.

The Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench is gloss black in colour with orange seat and backrest and arm curl pad, there's a black styling line that runs through the orange seat and backrest which all together make this a very stylish weight bench as well as great value for money.

You get a full one year warranty with the Vitesse Advanced Weight Bench and delivery is free which is just as well as the weight bench is solid and made from box steel section so with free delivery you won't have to pay for the courier.

The butterfly bars, leg extension and leg curl stations have safety foam padding on the bars to protect you from injury whilst your training but to also help align your arms and legs into the proper position for the most effective workout.
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