Huge Running Deck.

TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill with Huge Running Deck and 22kph top speed and free delivery.

The powerful electric motor powers the huge running deck and 40 exercise programmes on the exercise computer make the TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill a bargain.

TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill with Huge Running Deck and 22kph Top Speed

TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill with Huge Running Deck.

The colour display is very easy to use and very informative with features like a speedometer, track statistic feedback and very informative graphics.

As well as 40 different exercise programmes you can also personalise the exercise programmes with your own effort levels and times and uniquely you can hold in the computer memory personalised exercise programmes for three different users so several members of the family can share the same treadmill and have your exercise programmes stored for instant recall by other family members.

There's an extra large running deck with eight separate suspension points that provide for much reduced running injuries and joint impact, in fact this treadmill is over 40% more effective at protecting your joints as you run compared with normal road running.

You don't need to lose your balance and move your hands away from the handlebars in order to change your speed or incline (level of hill selected), the speed and incline buttons are located directly on the handlebars so you can easily operate the treadmill.

Also there's a heart rate monitor built-in to the handle bars, hold the handle bars as you run and your heart rate will be displayed in Beats Per Second BPS as you run, there's also exercise programmes that can be automatically controlled by your changing heart rate, harder treadmill exercises for a low heart rate and lighter treadmill exercises for a heart rate under heavy exercise.

The TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill folds for easy storage, just engage the hydraulic system to have the treadmill easily folded up, then the transport wheels will touch the floor and you can even wheel the treadmill around the house for easy storage in any room.
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