Large Running Deck.

The TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill with Built In Speakers for CD/MP3 Input and Large Running Deck for comfortable running without worries of falling off!

The extra large running deck has its own suspension, with eight suspension points giving a very comfortable run, ideal for lowering the joint shock that you can get from prolonged running.

TrackSpeed4500 Treadmill, with Speakers for CD/MP3 and Large Running Deck

TrackSpeed4500 Large Running Deck Treadmill.

A powerful 3.5HP electric motor powers the large running deck around and is capable of reaching 22 kph with a maximum runners weight of 24 stone.

The built in speakers which are mounted either side of the front console just behind the two drinks container holes, or mp3 player holders if you prefer are easily connected to a portable CD player or mp3 player or radio if you prefer, it's much nicer running or walking listening to music, podcasts or radio without having to wear headphones which get all sweaty as you exercise or the ear buds keep falling out as you run, with speakers all these problems are gone and you can enjoy your walk or run without tethered cables.

There's forty personalised exercise training programmes on the built-in exercise computer, select a programme like hill climb, marathon, fat burn, cardio vascular, step, tone, train and many more that most closely match your fitness goals, you can of course change the speed, effort level and time suggested by these built-in programmes with ease.

The LCD display is mounted directly in front of you when you're running and includes a speedometer, large running track feedback (distance travelled etc) and the CD, MP3, radio speaker socket, plug a 3.5mm jack plug into this socket and the sound will come out the treadmill speakers.

Heart rate sensors are included on the handle bars, as are speed and incline controls, finished in stainless steel the controls look very smart.
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