Large Running Deck.

TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill with Large Running Deck to give you the room to move around without feeling cramped, ideal for large and small persons.

The large running deck also has a running deck suspension system which reduces the stress and strain on your joints by having a six point suspension system which absorbs your running or walking steps to reduce potential joint damage, just like you car shock absorbers reduce a bumpy ride.

TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Large Running Deck, Running Deck Suspension System

TrackSpeed3000 Large Running Deck Treadmill.

There's a powerful 3HP electrical motor which is capable of driving the large running deck forward at a maximum speed of 18kmph.

A 48 programme exercise computer lets you choose between predefined professionally developed exercise programmes to help you meet certain exercise goals like lose weight, increase stamina, tone up, walking, hill climb, fast running, jogging, keep trim and many more.

The extra large running deck is ideal for larger persons and people unsure of their abilities on a treadmill who would like the extra room as reassurance.

On the treadmill handlebars are pulse sensors, just hold the handlebars to have your pulse automatically measured and displayed on the built-in digital monitor as your heart rate measured in beats per minute BPM.

This TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill is a folding treadmill, what that means is that a hydraulic system is included that when pressed puts the large running deck into a vertical position so that the treadmill becomes half the size and is much easier to store and move around your home.

As well as an emergency stop button built into the treadmill digital console there's also an emergency stop cord, just hold the cord while you exercise and pull the cord when you need to stop.
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