Tahiti Witianga 3 Section Massage Table.

Tahiti Witianga 3 Section Massage Table the Massage and Reiki Master Table with Folding Lightweight Aluminium Frame.

The Tahiti Witianga 3 Section Massage Table has an aluminium frame which makes this folding, portable massage table very strong whilst still remaining lightweight the table comes with all the accessories your need hand cradle, face cradle and face bung these are removable and store underneath the table when not being used.
Tahiti Witianga 3 Section Massage Table, Massage and Reiki Master Table.

Massage and Reiki Master Table, Folding Lightweight Aluminium Frame

When you want to carry the table or store it away the table folds in on itself becoming a good looking carry case.

For use as a Reiki table the table features cut away sections where you can get closer to your client which is also ideal for any manipulation work if your using the table for chiropractic or osteopathic work.

The table has easy to use height adjustable legs which let you lower the table and raise the table with an easy to use push peg the backrest also adjusts so you can have your clients lying down or sat up whether straight up or at an angle ideal for beauty treatment work like makeup, facials and finger nails.

The face cradle and the table has memory foam underneath the synthetic leather this makes for a comfortable yet supportive table that's easy to clean the face bung is easily removed form the table when clients prefer a bung to a cradle.

An ideal massage table for home use as it folds away small so you can push the folded massage table under the bed when not in use and then if you fancy a massage at home you can create your own mini spa at home.

For students requiring a beauty therapy table, massage or practitioners table the Witianga is an excellent choice as its bargain priced and comes with free delivery.
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