Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table the Portable Massage Table that's Light, Portable and Strong.

If your a mobile massage therapist or alternative therapy practitioner always moving your equipment from one treatment room to another as you visit many alternative therapy centres then your need a table the Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table is ideal for massage, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractors and osteopaths as its a full size table that's strong, comfortable, portable and well priced.
Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table, Portable Massage Table.

Portable Massage Table, Light, Portable, Strong.

In use your clients would not be able to tell that its a folding massage table as the massage table is very sturdy with a maximum client weight of 54 stone or 340kg so you can rest assured that your be able to treat all your clients without worries about their weight.

The Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table is a beautiful looking massage table in black PU leather, the black synthetic leather does not show up scratches and scuffs and retains it good looks for years plus its easy top clean off oil and cream spills as the table just wipes clean.

Underneath the black PU leather is inches of high density memory foam which is soft yet supporting, the whole massage table including the face cradle and armrests have memory foam underneath the PU leather so the table feels as good as it looks.

The Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table is a folding massage table, to fold simply unlock the safety catch and the two halves of the table fold in on themselves creating what looks like an executive briefcase with a large comfortable handle on the side for carrying.

The massage table is fully height adjustable from high to low so you are always able to adjust the massage table to a height that best suits your work with the client, most people find that the preferred height is so that your higher than your client so your arms and hands move downwards and not reaching upwards which would make arms and hands ache after a time.
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