Tahiti Topaz Massage Table.

Tahiti Topaz Massage Table in Black, Cream or Pink Colours the Top Of The Range Portable Therapy Table.

The top of the range portable massage table the Tahiti Topaz Massage Table folds away when not in use and comes with a full range of accessories for the table including carry case, cylinder bolster cushion, side rests, face cradle, face bung and arm cradle.
Tahiti Topaz Massage Table, Black, Cream, Pink Colours.

Black, Cream, Pink Colours, Top Of The Range Portable Therapy Table

The table has a luxury PVC leather covering that looks like real leather and is available in black, cream and pink to cater for all tastes from cream spa to black corporate to pink personal.

The table body and all the accessories have 6cm of memory foam under the PVD leather this makes for a comfortable yet supportive table, all the accessories can be detached from the table by simply pulling them out of their location pegs and storing them under the table.

Because the table has an adjustable backrest its uses are not just limited to massage but can be used in the salon for beauty treatments as you can set the backrest so the client is not lying flat so you can administer makeup, shoulder and neck massages from a seated position, manicures and pedicures and even counselling.

The backrest adjusts up and down between 6 different angles and the PVC leather won't stain as its non absorbent so water and oil just wipers clean off the strong yet lightweight and very beautiful beech wood frame is real wood and the face bung is removable for clients who prefer the face bung to the face cradle.

You can fold the massage table into its own carry case for easy storage and easily carry the portable massage table in your hand or put it on the back seat of your car.

The table height adjusts up and down for your specific height bringing the client closer ore further away from you.
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