Folds Away into Suitcase.

The Tahiti Quartz Massage Table Folds Away into Suitcase for easy storage and easy carrying.

This folding massage table fits easily into the boot of your car on on the back seat when folded away as a suitcase.

Tahiti Quartz Massage Table, Fold Away into Suitcase, Folding Massage Table

Tahiti Quartz Massage Table Folds Away into Suitcase.

Once folded away as a suitcase the Tahiti Quartz Massage Table just looks like a smart case, no one would know inside you have a fully featured massage table.

The massage table is covered in stain resistant easy wipe clean PVC that has been made to look like leather and made to feel like leather, this folding massage table has a black coloured leather effect covering.

The Tahiti Quartz Massage Table is packed full of features like a 4 stage adjustable backrest so you can get your massage client comfortable in either a lying down position of one of four sitting up positions, perfect if your also offering a facial or concentrating on neck and shoulders.

A detachable face cradle is also included, the face cradle is thickly lined with memory foam and so is extremely comfortable even for longer massage sessions, it's detachable too so if you want you can remove it from the table and store the face cradle on the underside of the massage table, it just clips into position, and then when you fold the massage table into a suitcase the detachable face cradle is also stored inside the suitcase, you won't be left holding any bits and pieces, everything fits into the suitcase.

The folding massage table is made from a lightweight beach frame which is light brown or tan in colour and looks very elegant against the black PVC leather, it's a strong massage table too capable of supporting a person weighing up to 38 stone.

The massage table is luxurious and all your massage clients will have positive things to say about the table, all the table is covered in 6cm of memory foam, that's over 2 inches of memory foam providing a very soft massage table.

As well as a detachable face cradle your also find that the side pads or arm rests are detachable too, and again the y are stored by clips on the underside of the massage table when not in use and again are stored inside the suitcase when you have packed away, no item of the massage table is left for you to carry everything fits into and is store inside the massage table suitcase and in fact it is the massage table that folds forming the suitcase shape no extra suitcase is needed, the side of the massage table even has a carry handle.
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