Large Running Deck.

StrengthMaster MI-310 Treadmill with Large Running Deck and Large Track to give you plenty of room to run or jog.

A powerful 3hp electric motor moves the large track at up to 16kmph the treadmill control panel uses quick, easy touch buttons and the large track provides feedback on progress directly to the control panel.

StrengthMaster MI-310 Treadmill with Large Running Deck and Large Track

StrengthMaster MI-310 Treadmill Large Track.

There's a very easy to use and very elegant display console that is simplicity itself to use and understand. The large yellow emergency stop button is within arms reach just press the button to halt the treadmill immediately.

Eight workout programmes let you choose a workout programme that meets your goals from losing weight to training hard.

The large track has a suspension system to reduce the physical shock that running causes to your joints, running on a treadmill provides 40% more shock absorbing properties than conventional road running, save your knees, save your joints and still train just as hard as you want.

There's no need to risk losing your balance and fall off the treadmill just because your trying to reach over and adjust your speed or incline, with the StrengthMaster MI-310 Treadmill the speed and incline buttons are located on the handlebars right next to your hands so you adjust your speed and the incline without moving your hands.

There's a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars so just hold the handlebars and your heart rate will be displayed on the digital display in beats per minute, your heart rate is used to automatically adjust several of the exercise programmes to speed up or slow down depending on your heart rate, its like having your own personal trainer right there with you.

The StrengthMaster MI-310 Treadmill is easy to store in your home as a clever hydraulic folding mechanism is employed, simply fold up the treadmill and it will take up less than half the room and with the transport wheels you can even wheel the treadmill around your home.
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