Strength Pure Sport Indoor Table Tennis Table.

Strength Pure Sport Indoor Table Tennis Table the Folding Table for Two Players Or Single Player using Raised Table option.

This competition size (full size) table tennis table (which is also known as ping pong) has its own legs and a unique folding design where the table folds into an easy to manoeuvre shape that has wheels on the bottom so you can push the folded ping pong table around.
Strength Pure Sport Indoor Table Tennis Table, Folding Table.

Folding Table, Two Player Or Single Player Raised Table.

One of the great features about this table is that because it's a folding table that folds for storage you can lift one side of the ping pong table up so that the table end forms a wall so you can play table tennis against yourself (solo), there's never been an easier way for solo table tennis play.

The table itself has legs made from strong steel box section and has wheels at the bottom of those table legs so when folded you can easily wheel the table around from one room to another or just to push the table into a corner of the room for storage, when in use the wheels lock with a locking lever on the side of the wheel so the table won't move when in use.

The inner legs of the table have wheels whilst the outer legs for stability don't have wheels but instead are height adjustable so can cope with uneven floors, you can raise or lower the height of the legs so the table is always perfectly flat and won't wobble when in use.

The dark blue surface of the table is an anti-glare surface so bright indoor lights or sunlight won't make it difficult to see the ball and the surface is also anti-chip so will look good for many years to come and with a one year warranty and free delivery your getting a good deal.
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