Strength Pure Sport Deluxe Waterproof Table Tennis Table.

Strength Pure Sport Deluxe Outdoor Waterproof Table Tennis Table for Outdoor and Garden the Folding Ping Pong Table.

This full size table tennis table or ping pong table if you prefer the name is a full size table that's waterproof and can be left outside in the garden even when it rains, the table folds in half and the legs have wheels which lock so you can fold the table and wheel it away after use storing the table in a quiet corner of your garden or in the shed.
Strength Pure Sport Deluxe Outdoor Waterproof Table Tennis Table, Outdoor and Garden.

Outdoor and Garden, Folding Ping Pong Table.

The table is for two players as well as solo players, to play solo simply pull up one side of the table into an upright position where it will form a wall that you can bat the ping pong ball against and the wall will return the ping pong ball so you can practice by yourself and then for a game with two players simply pull down the side of the table into a flat table position.

To fold the table simply push the sides down after unlocking the table and the wheels will let you move the table around the garden and even across a bumpy lawn as the wheels are much larger than your find on indoor tables, the wheels lock into place with a locking lever on the side of the wheel so the table won't roll away when in use and the legs of the frame (only the inner legs have wheels) are height adjustable so you can individually adjust the height of the four outermost legs so that the table will sit flat even on the most uneven of lawns.

Two table tennis bats and three ping pong balls are supplied as well as a table tennis net and posts which simply clamp to the table and can be adjusted for how taught you want the net.
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