Splashstar 10ft x 30in Quick Up Pool Set with Filter Pump.

Splashstar 10ft x 30in Quick Up Pool Set with Filter Pump the Easy Assemble, Lay Out Flat, Fill With Water Pool.

There's nothing simpler than assembling the Splashster pool because the pool assembles itself, just lay the pool out on the lawn and fill with water from a hosepipe, the water flowing into the pool causes the pool to rise up and take shape so you have a sturdy pool that does not require support frames or holes to be dug in your lawn and everything you need is included so once the hosepipe has filed the pool your ready to start splashing and swimming in the pool.
Splashstar 10ft x 30in Quick Up Pool Set with Filter Pump, Easy Assemble.

Easy Assemble, Lay Out Flat, Fill With Water.

This is a 10 foot diameter pool so there's more than enough room for an adult to lay flat in the pool and still have several feet of space around them the pool is easy to drain too as all you do is pump out the water from the pool with the pump provided you can attach a hosepipe to the pump so you can direct the water that your pumping out of the pool to a garden bed for watering or down a drain.

The pump is also a water filter and can filter 2,000 litres of water in one hour removing grass and leaves that may have been taken into the pool as the kids jump in and out and when not in use, a weather cover keeps rainwater, grass and leaves out of the pool as well as providing a physical barrier so children and pets can't access the water when you don't want the pool used a great safety feature.

Also included with this garden pool is a ladder so children can climb in and out without slipping as the steps on the ladder are made from non-slip materials and the bright metal frame is rust resistance too.

The pool has a limited use warranty and comes with free delivery.
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