SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike the Ultra Modern Home Exercise Cycle with Advanced Computer Display and Modern Styling.

If you where to see an exercise bike an a science fiction movie it would surely look like the SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike this is really beautiful exercise bike that is a cross between something from a science fiction movie and a high tech medical lab, the gorgeous computer display is deep black with light green digits and light blue bar charts that chart your progress in real time, the bar charts jump up and down displaying your progress as you cycle and showing you pulse and heart rate as well.
SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike, Ultra Modern Home Exercise Cycle.

Ultra Modern Home Exercise Cycle.

The handle bars contain metal strips that when you cover them with your hands measure your pulse rate, just like a doctor or nurse taking your pulse, the digital display then shows not only your pulse rate information but your heart rate too and a lot more besides, you can even see your pulse recovery, this is how quickly your body recovers from hard exertions by monitoring your pulse to see when it returns to a lower level of activity after exertion, the SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike really does have many advanced features that will keep you safe, get you fit and keep you healthy.

The digital display also shows you your speed and how much torque you are developing, if you have ever read the car magazines and read about how much breaking torque a particular car produces, well now you can find out how much torque your own body produces when your cycling hard.

The computer console has a truly unique adjustable neck so now you can twist and push and pull the computer console to the right viewing angle, no longer are you stuck with a exercise bike display that's not quite in the right position for your height or liking, simply move the display, these features are a fast of the kind on exercise bikes and the SEG UM3296 Home Exercise Bike brings them to you at a much reduced price.
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