Heart Rate Control.

Powertrek Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Control exercises and built-in body fat calculator.

This is a high spec cross trainer with 12 exercise programmes including exercise programmes that monitor your heart rate on the built-in handlebar mounted heart rate sensors and the auto adjusting your exercise programme to your heart rate, speeding up or slowing down your speed and adjusting your exercise resistance.

Powertrek Elliptical Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Control and Body Fat Calculator

Powertrek Hurricane Heart Rate Control Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The built-in body fat calculator will calculate your body fat using BMI Body Mass Indicator and display the BMI number on the built-in digital display, the advantage of this is that each time you exercise you can check your BMI and as you exercise more your notice your BMI reduce showing you on screen your reduced body fat and there's no better motivator than to see your body fat reduce on screen.

There's a multi-function programmable computer located within arms reach on the cross trainer and has personalised training programmes so you can make your own exercise programmes.

You can adjust the resistance level of the Powertrek Hurricane Elliptical Cross Trainer to suit your exercise level from easy or little resistance to hard going, the resistance level is adjusted electronically using the controls on the cross trainer screen.

The resistance level is provided by a magnetic resistance system which makes for a near silent exercise machine which is important in some homes where you don't want your neighbours to be disturbed by a noisy exercise machine.

The other advantage of magnetic resistance is that it has very few moving parts the advantage of which is that the cross trainer is much less likely to wear out.
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