PowerTech XTI Inversion Table.

PowerTech XTI Inversion Table Stops Back Pain and Frees Trapped Muscles.

Relieve back pain with the fully adjustable PowerTech XTI Inversion Table which adjusts for height of user and supports a user weighing up to 22 stone.
PowerTech XTI Inversion Table, Stop Back Pain.

Stop Back Pain, Free Trapped Muscles

When your upside down the pressure of your bodyweight on your back is lifted and acts in reverse straightening your back and relieving tired muscles by undoing the compounded pressure of day after day aches and pains.

Your find that once you strap your ankles and your shins down with the pads provided and then rotate yourself round with the handle either until your completely upside down or until your at an angle that provides relief for you your quickly feel better as the weight is off your back and now acting in the opposite direction to make your back better.

If you wake up with a sore back then the PowerTech XTI Inversion Table will help and if nothing gives relief then your find this inversion machine is the safe none surgical way to ease back pain, something you can do at home as many times as you like each day.

Popular with athletes who use inversion boards to relive muscles and force muscles back into their correct positions just like a sports massage or physiotherapy would except the table is much cheaper and you can use it time and time again.

The inversion table folds away when not in use so it won't be taking up room in your home unless your actually using it.

Its easy to adjust the leg height adjustment so your ankles and shins are held firmly yet not so tight that it hurts and when your strapped in simply use the hand wheel to turn yourself round and back the correct way up when finished.

Delivery is free of charge and there's a one year warranty.
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