Calorie Counter.

Oxford 8000 Red Coloured Rowing Machine, with Calorie Counter, a folding rowing machine for easy storage.

There's lots of things that make the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine unique, it's vibrant red colouring, its folding rowing beam for easy storage, it's built-in rowing computer with calorie counter for knowing how many calories you are burning as you row.

Oxford 8000 Red Coloured Rowing Machine, with Calorie Counter, Folding Rowing Machine for Easy Storage

Oxford 8000 Red Coloured Rowing Machine.

With free delivery and one year warranty there's lots to recommend this best in class rowing machine.

This rower uses magnetic resistance to provide the resistance to your rowing action, it's adjustable of course and there are eight different resistance settings to choose from including easy, medium and hard, the advantages of a magnetic resistance system are many including quiet rowing machine operation, magnetic resistance makes no noise so it's ideal when you don't want to upset the neighbours or wake the children, or just so you can watch the television without interruption whilst you row.

Magnetic resistance systems also have very few moving parts that means less to breakdown and go wrong, the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine comes with a one year warranty against defect or breakdown, but it's good to know that the rowing machine has been designed with long lasting parts.

The super red colour of this rowing machine looks great against the shiny silver aluminium and if you want a rowing machine that looks a bit special then the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is the best available.

The folding rowing beam means that you can fold up the rowing machine so it will easily fit in the boot of your car or under the stairs or just out of the way in the home, garage or shed.

If you suffer from sore feet then you won't want to make the condition any worse, many rowing machines have fixed footplates which don't allow your feet to move and after a time give you sore feet whilst you row, well the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine has a moving footplate so your foot moves as you row and provides greater comfort.

The padded non-slip seat will be a real bonus to anyone familiar with rowing, as a sore bottom whilst you row is not fun.
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