Two Swings, Climbing Ladder, Climbing Rope

Montana Jungle Gym Garden Swing Set with Two Swings, Climbing Ladder, Climbing Rope made from American Pine logs with this beautiful long lasting old fashioned style swing set you won't find any cheap horrible plastic that will fade and break within a year, the American pine wood gives years of great looking and great playing children's activities.

All metal joins that are painted with green paint to contrast nicely with the garden and the brown American pine logs.

Montana Jungle Gym Garden Swing Set with two Swings, Climbing Ladder, Climbing Rope

Montana Jungle Gym Garden Swing Set with Two Swings, Climbing Ladder, Climbing Rope.

Both swings comply with British Safety standards EN-71, don't buy a swing set that is not safety checked.

The American pine logs used are 3.93 inches thick, that's almost a 4 inch log, it's built to last and built to look good for many years to come.

This whole climbing and swing set only requires 2 meters of space on your garden lawn or garden area, the swing set may be located on grass, concrete, concrete slabs, decking, outside play tiles, sand, tree bark and other suitable surfaces, included with the swing set are galvanised steel anchor pegs for securing the swing set firmly into the ground.

Free delivery is included.

The Montana Jungle Gym Garden Swing Set uses an A-frame method of construction which creates a very sturdy shape that's immensely strong and allows the swings to move freely without wondering to one side as the swings move and with galvanised steel joints that won't rust (galvanised steel does not rust) the swing will last for many years.

The American pine is pressure treated which ensures the wood is very long lasting and remains rot free for many years even in the dampest of English gardens.

The swing height is adjustable so you can adjust the height depending on the age and height of your children ideally you want them to be able to get on the swing unaided so the swing height must not be much higher than their waist as otherwise the children won't be able to get on the swings by themselves and as the children grow you can easily adjust the swing height and no tools are required for adjustment.

Of course whilst the swing and climbing set is designed for children there's nothing to stop adults having a swing too and reliving their childhood as the timber has been pressure treated and is immensely strong and real rope of the highest quality is used for the swing ropes so everything is designed to more than take the weight of an adult.

The swing set comes with a set of galvanised steel anchor pegs so you can push the anchor pegs into the ground to secure the swing set in one place on your garden you can concrete in the anchor pegs too for ultimate security.

As well as two swings there's knotted rope for climbing up and again it's a real knotted rope not a synthetic plastic jobby that would break at the first climb or disintegrate in its first winter this all wood swing set is built to last.
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