Luxury Massage Table.

Luxury Massage Table the Tahiti Topaz Massage Table is made with PU Leather and Memory Foam for that luxurious feel.

This luxury massage table is all leather and beech wood so its beautiful to look at and even more comfortable to lie down on.

Luxury Massage Table, Tahiti Topaz Massage Table, PU Leather and Memory Foam

Luxury Tahiti Topaz Massage Table.

The backrest has six different adjustable positions and can be adjusted from an upright position, ideal for reading and relaxing after a massage or for having the client sit upright whilst you offer other treatments like nail care.

The beautiful cream coloured PU leather is stain resistant, all liquids and creams can simply be wiped clean away.

The face cradle is included which allows your client to get into a comfortable position on their front whilst you offer a back, neck, shoulder or leg massage, the face cradle is lined with memory foam and so is super comfortable.

The beech frame is lightweight, you can fold up your massage table when not in use, but its a lovely peace of furniture and you will want to keep the massage table out on display.

This luxury massage table has arm rests too, ever been on a too small massage table and found there is just nowhere to put your arms, well that's definitely not the case with this large massage table, there's plenty of room.

The arm rests are removable, some therapists like massage tables with arm rests, some do not, now with removable arm rests the choice is yours.

Designed for the professional therapist this luxury massage table will easily let you offer all your favourite salon treatments, the whole table amazingly packs down into a small carry case, if your renting a room in a salon and have to bring your own massage table with you, then this is the ultimate luxury massage table to bring.

Easy to fit in the car the small carry case will easily fit in the boot.

Supplied with one year warranty and delivered free of charge.

Whether you're buying the Tahiti Topaz Massage Table for professional use in a spa or beauty therapists your find the table the ultimate in luxury and practicality and for home use more and more people are buying their own massage tables as they fold up small when not in use and are much better for a massage than being on the bed plus you can take your massage table round your friends houses and eve take your own massage table to the massage therapists if you would prefer that they used their table which is a good site more hygienic.

If you like a massage at home you can ask a mobile massage therapist to call and no need to worry about what sort of table they have as your have the best table for them to use.

If your thinking of buying someone a present or gift and they like a massage then go one better than a massage gift certificated and actually buy them their own massage table for a couple massage is very sensual and what better present for a couple than their own massage table.

For use in home a portable massage table is ideal and should you have guests over to stay this luxury massage table makes one of the most luxurious guest beds your ever find what better and more comfortable nights sleep than sleeping on a luxurious massage table as these tables make great guest beds and you won't be surprised to hear that people have purchased these massage tables just as a guest bed as they fold up very small and you can store several of them under a bed or piled up in the corner of a room so they are excellent for massage parties and sleepovers.
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