20 Workouts in One Multigym.

The IronMan multigym has 20 different workouts in one machine, this is possible by actually having 20 different pieces of fitness equipment incorporated into the one multigym.

The IronMan multigym also includes a 150Ib or 68kg weight stack which can be used with any of the 20 different pieces of fitness equipment built-in to the IronMan multigym.

IronMan multigym with 20 Workouts in One Machine and 68kg Weight Stack Included

IronMan multigym with 20 Workouts in One Machine.

On some multigyms you have to fiddle with cables and make adjustments to each of the different pieces of fitness equipment included in the multigym, not with the IronMan multigym all 20 pieces of fitness equipment are ready and require no further setup as you move from workout to workout.

For safety all cables are plastic coated, you may see cheaper multigyms that have bare wires, this is dangerous always buy a multigym with plastic coated cables.

There's a pulldown bar for doing front and rear lateral pulldowns (lat pulldowns), which you can also use to do assisted crunches and triceps extensions.

With the lateral pull down bar you can do front and rear pulldowns, triceps extensions and assisted crunches.

The chest press has a butterfly press, and shoulder press machine built-in and on the leg station you can do leg curls, leg extensions and includes a free ankle strap.

There's a lower chain pulley which is used for rowing exercises, shrugs and curls as well as rowing exercises like upright preacher curls, seated preacher curls and bent preacher curls, bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls as well as shoulder shrugs and rear leg extensions.

A full one year warranty is included with the IronMan multigym and free delivery is also included, that's delivery by a courier, assembly is required and the simple instructions will take less than one hour to follow.

The IronMan multigym with free 68kg weight stack, free ankle strap, free delivery and a great price.
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