IronMan Pro Inversion Table.

IronMan Pro Inversion Table, Relives Back Pain, Eases Tension, Soothes Stress and Alleviates The Pressure On Your Back.

If you suffer from back pain then hanging upside down on a inversion board might be just what you need, whilst at first glance you might think this sounds a bit silly there's clear medical application behind it as when your upside down your taking the weight of those parts of your back that are getting compounded and in fact the weight that was compounded the back is now being used to free the back and reduce the pain.
IronMan Pro Inversion Table, Relive Back Pain, Ease Tension, Soothe Stress.

Relive Back Pain, Ease Tension, Soothe Stress, Alleviates The Pressure On Your Back.

If you have a tight back and feel the tension ion your back then try the IronMan Pro Inversion Table and feel the tension and stress reduce.

With a maximum user weight rating of 22 stone this is a strong inversion table with all the safety features like non skidding feet so the tab le won't move when your on it and nylon ankle straps for comfort and no pinching and an adjustable angle of inversion from 160 degrees to 180 degrees so you can be fully upside down or just at an angle.

There are rubber hand grips so you can hold on without slipping and a carbon steel frame that's strong enough for 22 stone of weight.

Relieve the stress on your backs vertebrae, discs and ligaments and stimulate blood flow to your muscles and reduce stiffness, increase your flexibility too and reduce the lower back pain caused by standing or sitting for long periods of time.

Inversion tables where first used by athletes looking to increase muscle blood flow and reduce back tension but where quickly found to be of help to everyone with lower back problems its the perfect solution if your looking for a way to help yourself be free of backpain without surgery or drugs.
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