21 Exercise Machines in One

IronMan Advanced Multigym, 21 Exercise Machines in One with 150Ib Weight Stack Included.

21 separate exercise machines have been combined into the one multigym the exercise machines include ab station, bicep curls, leg extension station, lat pulldown bar, chest exercise, leg extension, ankle strap, chain handlebar, rowing and bicep exercise, chest press, butterfly press and lat pulldown bar.

IronMan Advanced Multigym, 21 Exercise Machines in One, 150Ib Weight Stack Included

IronMan Advanced Multigym 21 Exercise Machines in One.

The full list of exercise machines that make up the IronMan Advanced Multigym rear pulldowns, triceps extensions, assisted crunches, chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly exercise, rear butterfly exercise, leg extension, leg curls, side kicks, bicep curls, upright rowing exercise, seated rowing exercise, bent rowing exercise, preacher curls, biceps curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

No need to buy extra weights as the IronMan Advanced Multigym includes a 150Ib or 68Kg weight stack, any amount of weight can be selected on any of the exercise machines from 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 5kg, 10kg and any combination.

With other multigyms you have to change cables and adjust pulleys as you move from one exercise machine to another, with the IronMan Advanced Multigym you can use any exercise machine without having to move any cables or adjust anything.

There's a pulldown bar for performing front pulldowns, lateral pulldowns, assisted crunches and tricep extensions.

The chest section performs butterfly press exercises, straight chess press and shoulder press exercises.

The leg extension section has leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls using the included armrest.

There's a lower chain pulley used for rowing exercises, shrugs and curls.
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