30 Different Exercises.

IronMan 3 Station Multigym with 30 Different Exercises and a dedicated leg press, the 3 station multigym includes a pulldown bar for front lateral pulldowns, rear lateral pulldowns, assisted crunches, triceps extensions and a main chest section with a butterfly press, straight chest press and shoulder press. The leg station includes a lower chain pulley for leg, arm and rowing machine exercises.

The dedicated leg press station is unique on a multigym and makes the IronMan 3 Station Multigym best in class.

IronMan 3 Station Multigym with 30 Different Exercises and a Dedicated Leg Press

IronMan 3 Station Multigym with 30 Different Exercises.

The IronMan 3 Station Multigym also includes leg raise and dip bar exercises.

A 68Kg or 150Ib weight stack is also included, this weight stack can be used on any of the 30 different exercises that you can do on this multigym.

As well as 30 different exercises you get a semi-commercial multigym at a home gym price, the multigym is very hard wearing made from 150mm box steel section and comes with a one year warranty against breakdowns or defects.

The advanced pulley system means you never have to move cables or setup pulleys all 3o exercises can be performed without having to do any cable setup at all, all the weight stack is available for you to use on all 30 different exercises.

A free ankle strap is available for doing sidekicks.

With the IronMan 3 Station Multigym you will be able to do the following exercises front lat pulldowns, rear lat pulldowns, triceps extensions, assisted crunches, chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly, rear butterfly, leg extensions, leg curls, sidekicks, upright rowing, seated rowing, bent rowing, preacher curls, biceps curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs, rear leg raises, dedicated leg press, pull ups, leg raises and leg dips.

The 3 stations included are Pull up station, leg station, chest station and now the dedicated leg press station.
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