IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer the Professional Home Cross Trainer with Forward and Reverse Pedals.

When your exercising on an elliptical trainer there are two ways people like to pedal, 50% of people like to pedal in a clockwise or forward direction and the other 50% of people like to pedal in an anticlockwise or reverse direction, pedalling backwards if you will, whilst there is nothing wrong with people who like to pedal backwards after all its the position that feels most comfortable for them, not all elliptical trainers support reverse pedalling the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer does, so if your are a reverse pedal person or are not sure then better buy the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer and have the option.
IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, Professional Home Cross Trainer.

Professional Home Cross Trainer, Forward, Reverse Pedals.

On a professional elliptical trainer like the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer there are two sets of handlebars, the first set are stationary handlebars that are fixed and don't move, these fixed handlebars give a lower body workout firming and toning you legs, thighs, calves and buttocks and the other set of handlebars are moving or dynamic handlebars which provide a full body workout, the difference is that on the moving handlebars your are exercise your upper body too and will also tone, firm and strengthen the muscles in your arms as you push the handlebars backwards and forwards.

The stationary handlebars provide a step action and you can think of the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer as having two exercise machines in one an elliptical cross trainer and a step machine.

Both the fixed and moving handlebars have multiple hold positions, you can hold the handlebars at the top, bottom or sides whichever position feels more comfortable for you on the fixed handlebars which do not move you can even prop open your book or magazine if you like to read whilst cross training.
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