IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine.

Buy the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine the Professional Air Rower As Used By Gyms and Sports Men and Women.

Every gym and every sports men and sports women uses an air rowing machine and that's simply because they are the best rowing machines and now IronMan have made a home air rower we can all enjoy air rowing machines at home.
IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, Professional Air Rower.

Professional Air Rower, As Used By Gyms and Sports Men and Women.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is a folding rower so when not in use the long rail folds upwards on a hinge and can be locked in place for easy storage, when folded the rowing machine occupies very little floor space and can easily be pushed into the corner of a room out of the way.

This air rower has eight levels of resistance to choose from, resistance is a measure of how hard it will be to pull the rowing machine handle, the higher the resistance the harder it is to pull the rower handle but the quicker your build, shape and tone arm muscles, leg muscles, chest muscles and even your buttocks.

The large contoured seat is generous in size and moves freely on polyurethane wheels which sit on the aluminium rail making the seat glide so any resistance you feel is purely from the resistance you have set using the resistance knob and not from drag from the rowing machine.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is an all metal construction air rower built to the same commercial standards that air rowers found in gyms and sports centres use and comes with a one year guarantee so any problems and your be quickly sorted.

The digital display which is mounted directly in front of you as you row shoes the time you have spent rowing, your stroke rate and your total strokes and even calculates how many calories your have burned whilst you have bee rowing which is very helpful if your own a weight loss plan.
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