Hillman X60 Push Golf Trolley.

Hillman X60 Push Golf Trolley with Powder Coated Aluminium Frame it's Very Light and has 3 Wheels For Stability.

This is a lightweight aluminium golf trolley that has three wheels for maximum stability and a black powder coated aluminium finish that won't rust, scratch or chip and that has adjustable straps that will take both small golf bags and large golf bags with ease.
Hillman X60 Push Golf Trolley, Powder Coated Aluminium Frame.

Powder Coated Aluminium Frame, Very Light, 3 Wheels For Stability.

With a net weight of only 6.4kg you won't find a lighter aluminium golf bag that's as well made and will last for years and is in stock for immediate delivery and comes with a one year warranty and free delivery.

This manual golf trolley is easy to operate in either the left hand or the right hand and the wide large wheels means that your do no damage to the golf green and yet be able to move smoothly across the rough should you heaven forbid find yourself there.

The black finish of the aluminium is unobtrusive so your golf trolley will fit right in at the club without being some garish colour that would attract all the wrong sort of comments and the folding design means your have no problems putting it in the boot of your car or on the backseat.

This lightweight golf trolley will take large and small golf bags and the adjustable straps means they will be secured tightly so you won't have the embarrassment of anything falling off.

The plastics used on the golf trolley are all weather resistant to both UV degrading from the sun as well as resistant to water so your get years of service and your golf trolley will always look as good as the day you bought it.

With free delivery from stock your be getting your golf trolley much quicker than many other places who don't hold stock so if you have been asked for a golf game and realised you need to get a golf trolley this is the one to get.
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