Hillman X-Cart Electric Golf Trolley Package.

Hillman X-Cart Electric Golf Trolley Package that Fits Large and Small Golf Bags, You Steer Or Drives Itself.

This electrically powered golf trolley has adjustable belts that fit round any golf bag large or small and features a self drive system where you can steer the electric golf trolley yourself as it turns the wheels round electrically.
Hillman X-Cart Electric Golf Trolley Package, Fits Large and Small Golf Bags.

Fits Large and Small Golf Bags, You Steer Or Drives Itself.

Or you can press a button and have the golf trolley move forward without you holding the handgrip there are buttons to automatically move the golf trolley forward 10, 20 or 30 meters so you can easily get the golf trolley out the way when you have selected your golf club and are ready to take a shot its just like having your own personal golf caddy with you at all times.

The electric golf trolley has a high power 12 volt battery and comes with a mains charger you can leave the charger plugged in all the time as the charger features a safety cut out and won't overcharge the battery so you can always be ready for a game of golf at a moments notice, the golf trolley folds to fit in the boot of your car or on the back seat and has a powerful 200 watt motor.

When going uphill the electric golf trolley can manage hills with a gradient of 30 degrees and when going down the other side of a hill the trolley will slow down so it won't run away with itself and when you stop the trolley will also gradually stop so as not to mark the green.

The handle is ideal for both left handed and right handed golfers and features a speed control and start, stop buttons as well as an indicator which shows you how much charge is left but with the trolley capable of a 36 hole golf course with continuous movement you won't have to worry about the battery.
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