Hillman Transporter Silver Electric Golf Trolley.

Hillman Transporter Silver Electric Golf Trolley that Climbs Hills and has Play On Feature that Drives By Itself.

This powered golf trolley has all the advanced features it can climb hills with a gradient of up to 30 degrees and has descent control so that on the way down from a hill the electric trolley will slow down and not run away with itself like other models of electric golf trolley have amusingly been known to do.
Hillman Transporter Silver Electric Golf Trolley, Climbs Hills.

Climbs Hills, Play On Feature Drives By Itself.

The electric golf trolley also features a self drive feature called Play On, here you can press a button and the golf trolley will move forward to get out of your way so you can take a shot without having your golf trolley to near, its like having your own private golf caddy!

One charge will be enough to play an entire 36 hole golf course and get a full days golfing in, the mains charger is included and its overcharge protected so you can leave the golf trolley on charge all the time and it will always be reedy for a golf game.

This powered trolley folds away into your car boot or the back seat of your car and simply clicks back into position when your ready to use, the adjustable belts ensures that the golf trolley will fit all different sized golf bags both large and small.

The electric motor used on the golf trolley is rated at 200 watts and is high power, on the handgrip of the golf trolley your find an easy grip that feels comfortable in either the left or right hand and separate controls for stop and go as well as speed and a four segment display which shows you how much charge you have left.

Delivery is free of charge and there's a one year warranty.
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