Hillman Transporter Blue Electric Golf Trolley.

Hillman Transporter Blue Electric Golf Trolley that Lasts All Day and Includes Mains Charger.

This powered golf trolley features a powerful 200 watt motor that can power the trolley up steep hills of 30 degrees and has a 33 amp per hour battery pack that can last all day on a 36 hole golf course, you can leave the golf trolley on charge when not in use as its overcharge protected and so will always be ready when you fancy a game of golf.
Hillman Transporter Blue Electric Golf Trolley, Lasts All Day.

Lasts All Day, Includes Mains Charger.

With a maximum speed of 4.3 miles per hour the golf trolley will be able to walk round the course quicker than you can and indeed can walk round the golf course without you as it features a Electronic Distance Control button on the trolley handle which will allow the golf trolley to play ahead of you.

The golf trolley has descent control so when you go down a hill the trolley won't hurtle forwards without you and when you stop the trolley won't stop so abruptly that it tears the golf green or causes you to walk into the golf trolley.

The gold trolley features a 'd' shaped handle which is easy to hold with one hand and suitable for left handed golfers as well as right handed golfers the controls on the handle are within easy reach and consist of on/off button, speed control button and four stage battery control indicator so you can always see how much charge you have left (charge lasts all day on a 36 hole golf course).

The electric golf trolley folds away for easy storage in your car boot or on the back seat of your car and is assembled again just by clicking into place, there's a 12 month warranty and free delivery on the golf trolley so order today and be trying out your new powered golf trolley straight away.
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