Hillman SuperLite Electric Golf Trolley Package.

Hillman SuperLite Electric Golf Trolley Package the Waterproof Electric Golf Trolley with Folding Design.

This electric golf trolley has a folding design so you can easily fold the trolley and put it in the boot of your car or on the back seat, the golf trolley is waterproof so the electrics won't get wet and the adjustable straps fit large golf bags as well as small golf bags and the whole thing is incredibly lightweight yet strong and with some advanced features.
Hillman SuperLite Electric Golf Trolley Package, Waterproof Electric Golf Trolley.

Waterproof Electric Golf Trolley, Folding Design.

Some of the advanced features include the ability to climb a 30 degree gradient hill and go down the other side again at a controlled pace and not running away with itself the trolley also has a play on feature where one push of a button sends the trolley 10 meters forward on its own without you having to touch the trolley or you can choose 20 meters or 30 meters the idea is that when you want to play a shot and the golf trolley is in the way press the button and the trolley will move out of the way without you having to touch the trolley moving forward automatically.

The charger can be left connected to the golf trolley all the time as it will turn itself off when fully charged so you're always ready for a game.

This model of electric trolley is in use up and down the country you may even have rented one of these trolleys from your local golf club, but at such a low price why rent when you can buy and have your own electric golf trolley.

If you have a golfer in the family an electric golf trolley is sure to impress them, if they carry there own golf clubs or have a pull along trolley you can be sure that an electric trolley would go down a treat.

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