Heavy Duty Vibration Plate.

Heavy Duty Vibration Plate a powerful 500w plate, the Bodytrain 500w Vibration Plate has 50 vibration speed levels.

Two power cord cables are supplied for you to hold while you use this heavy duty vibration plate.

Heavy Duty Vibration Plate, with Powerful 500w Plate the Bodytrain 500w Vibration Plate

Bodytrain 500w Heavy Duty Vibration Plate.

There's 3 different workout programmes to choose from.

The Bodytrain 500w Vibration Plate is a large and heavy vibration trainer which feels solid and stable and can provide some very strong vibrations.

The 500w motor is very powerful for a vibration plate, just compare the motor power to some other vibration trainers and your see how powerful this vibration plate is.

For the vibration plate technical specs your find that the Bodytrain 500w Vibration Plate can produce a vibration of amplitude 10mm, the vibration plate weighs 45kg or 7 stone and can support a maximum vibration plate user weight of 135kg or 21 stone.

This heavy duty vibration plate has 3 separate digital displays that display time, speed and can scan your bodyweight and report back on the fat content.

The vibration fitness programme has several different exercises you can choose and these include auto massage, manual massage and body fat calculation using the built in BMI Body Mass Indicator program.

With this heavy duty vibration plate you can do squats, bends, deep bends using both legs or just one leg for a harder workout.

Calf raises, lunges and upper body exercises like push ups and dip[s are very effective on a vibration plate.
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