Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent Package.

Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent Package Sleeps Up To 6 People with 3 Bedrooms, Porch and Carpet.

The large Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent Package has room for 6 people and is divided into 3 bedrooms, the bedrooms can be moved for large space if required and there's a porch and side canopy plus windows at either end for light and carpets too so you stay warm and cosy.
Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent Package, Sleeps Up To 6 People.

Sleeps Up To 6 People, 3 Bedrooms, Porch, Carpet

Made from fire retardant material the tent is weatherproof and has vulcanised seals which have been heat treated and won't leak, the tent is designed to be easy and quick to assemble (pitch) and there's an attached groundsheet to keep everything dry with a built in front canopy and windows on both the sides and the ends there's even a zip access point where you can pass an electric cable into the tent and fasten the zips up around the cable so the tent still stays dry and warm.

There's 2 side entrances and one end entrances so plenty of room for all occupants to independently come in and out of their part of the tent without having to walk through anyone else's bedroom area and with a large living space and large head height the tallest of campers will want to use this tent.

The tent comes with brow poles these roof level poles provide extra rigidity and make the tent very strong and very stable ideal for windy conditions and with mesh doors you get good ventilation and no foul air or condensation.

The included porch has large front and side windows and even comes with curtains on the windows so you have the upmost privacy.

Included is a luxury carpet with polyester fleece and waterproof backing which will keep you warm and dry and fits over the built in ground sheet.
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