Folding Rowing Machine.

Oxford 6900 Folding Rowing Machine with Heart Rate Monitor folds up when not in use, is easy to store and comes with free delivery.

This folding rowing machine uses magnetic resistance to provide the force against which you row, this force is called magnetic resistance and the system that provides this magnetic resistance is silent in operation so if your exercising with other people nearby it might be important to you to have a silent piece of fitness equipment.

Folding Rowing Machine the Oxford 6900 Rowing Machine with Heart Rate Monitor

Oxford 6900 Folding Rowing Machine.

Magnetic resistance also has very few moving parts meaning that your rowing machine is much less likely to break down or wear out.

Uniquely for a rowing machine heart rate sensors are built-into the rower handlebars, as you row the metal sensor touching your palms reads your pulse and converts the pulse reading into a heart rate measured in beats per second which is then displayed on the built-in digital display which is mounted just below the handlebars and you can see the display as you row.

The heart rate sensor is permanently built-in, does not need replacing ever, and is fully automatic just by holding the handlebars your heart rate will be displayed on the screen.

If you have ever used a jerky, sticking rowing machine then your know how important smooth movement is to maintain momentum on a rowing machine, it's the quality of the long metal beam that determines the quality of the ride on a rowing machine, the Oxford 6900 folding rowing machine has a long aluminium beam which makes for an incredibly smooth rowing experience and a very lightweight rower making the Oxford 6900 very lightweight and portable.

The long beam folds causing the long beam to stand upright and freeing up a lot of storage space in your house, with the beam folded the rowing machine takes up the same amount of space as an upright Hoover.

If you have experienced sore feet whilst rowing this was because you where rowing on fixed plate footplates, fixed footplates don't allow your feet to move as the rowing machine moves, this causes your feet to cramp or become sore, with the Oxford 6900 rowing machine the moving footplates ensure that your feet are comfortable at all times.
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