Folding Massage Table.

Tahiti Sapphire Folding Massage Table is lightweight too and comes with free delivery.

Finished in PVC leather this folding massage table is stain resistant so liquids and creams can be easily wiped away, ideal for the beautician or therapist who needs to carry a folding massage table between the house, car and salon.

Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table is a Folding Massage Table and a Lightweight Massage Table with free delivery

Tahiti Sapphire Folding Massage Table.

There's a removable face plug, with the face plug inserted the massage table has no holes and the greater run of clear space can be used for massage work, with the face plug removed the client can place there face in the hole as they lie on their stomach to receive a back massage, shoulder or neck massage, or leg massage. Some clients like the face plug and will appreciate having the choice between using a face plug or covering up the face plug and just lying with their face on the side of the massage table.

With a removable face bung or face plug your massage table is so much more versatile catering to both clients who like a face bung and clients who prefer the massage table.

The beautiful looking and lightweight beech frame ensures that carrying or moving the folding massage table is very easy, store the massage table in the car boot or keep the massage table folded against a wall in your house when not in use.

Under the luxurious PVC leather is 4cm which is over 1.5 inches over foam ensuring that the massage table is extremely comfortable and well received by the client.

The whole folding massage table folds down into a next looking and very impressive massage table case for easy carrying, it will easily fit in the boot of your car or even carried on the back seat.

The four trestle table legs ensure adequate support and a sturdiness that will make your clients feel right at home.
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