Exercise Bike with Body Fat Calculator.

Exercise Bike with Body Fat Calculator, the Cintura Tempest Magnetic Exercise Bike is not only a quality exercise bike but it will also help you measure your fat loss as you lose weight exercising.

The Cintura Tempest Magnetic Exercise Bike is unique in that its one of the only exercise bikes with a body fat calculator, so whilst you are exercising you can measure your progress, how's that for great motivation.

Exercise Bike with Body Fat Calculator, the Cintura Tempest is a Magnetic Exercise Bike

Cintura Tempest Magnetic Exercise Bike with Body Fat Calculator.

Quickly stop with the magnetic breaking system, its quieter than other forms of breaking which may be important in your household, magnetic breaking also has less moving parts and so does not wear out like other forms of breaking, by breaking we mean the technology that is used to provide resistance to your cycling, that resistance or level of effort required is called the breaking system and in the case of the Cintura Tempest exercise bike a magnetic breaking system is used.

Built-into the exercise bike is a five function training computer which you can use to see all your exercise and cycling statistics like time taken or time elapsed, time remaining, cycling speed, distance travelled in km per hour or miles per hour, calories burned whilst you cycle, how's that for a boost to your exercise routine to be able to see the calories fall off as you exercise, a heart rate monitor is also built into the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars as you cycle and the automatic sensor will read your pulse and use this to display your heart rate on the exercise bike display screen.

The Cintura Tempest exercise bike is designed to be very easy to use, at its simplest just get on and start peddling, the rest is optional, learn how things work as and when you need them, start straight away and expand your experience over time as required.

Choose from fifteen levels of magnetic resistance to cycle against from easy to hard to very hard, there's a resistance level to suit your current ability and plenty more resistance levels to explore as you lose weight or become fitter.

Have you ever been on a jerky, hard to pedal, hard to start exercise bike that's because the exercise bike did not have a flywheel which continues to turn all the time making the process of cycling on an exercise bike as near to real cycling as possible, enjoy that freewheeling feeling, bike racing feeling and uphill cycle feeling as naturally as if you where cycling on a road bike.

The exercise bike seat adjusts up and down and forwards and backwards so if you want to be closer to the handlebars because you are smaller you can be, or you can be further away from the handlebars if your bigger, and of course the bike seat adjusts up and down for smaller and longer legs.

The exercise bike handlebars can be used in several ways, hold the handlebars in a bull horn fashion like on a racing bike, or more leisurely like on a standard bike with a basket, many different hand grips are possible and that means a more comfortable exercise programme for you.
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