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Classic Wooden Swing Set the Dakota Jungle Gym Ultimate Garden Swing Set includes Two Swings, Skyride, Climbing Ladder and Climbing Rope.

A classic wooden swing set for the garden made from American Pine in a lovely deep brown wood with metal joints, the metal is painted green to blend in with the garden.

Dakota Jungle Gym Ultimate Garden Swing Set, Includes Two swings, Skyride, Climbing Ladder and Climbing Rope, Classic Wooden Swing

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The swing uses real rope, the climbing ladder is real rope and real wooden slats in the ladder everything is a classic and the pressure treated wood will last for years and comes with a one year guarantee.

Your children will enjoy the skyride where they can swing together on the same swing or they can enjoy swing separately ion the two separate swings or children can climb the rope ladder or climb a separate rope that has knots in the rope to help them climb.

This garden swing is manufactured to the EN-71 safety standard so you know you are buying a swing suitable for the British market that has been tested.

All you need is 2 meters of space around the swing so it's suitable for small gardens too.

The swing set is natural dark wood in colour with green painted steel fastenings and a red painted skyrocket with yellow sky rocket seats.

Buy your kids a classic, buy this classic garden swing set.
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