Built-in Body Fat Calculator.

The Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer is a smart looking elliptical cross trainer with built-in body fat calculator.

The body fat calculator keeps your motivation strong as you can see you can measure your improving body shape with the body fat calculator which uses the Body Mass Index BMI number so you can repeat the measurement over time and notice your improvement.

Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer, Smart Looking Cross Trainer with Built-in Body Fat Calculator

Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer with Built-in Body Fat Calculator.

A calorie counter is also built into the cross trainer, use this to see how many calories you are burning, it's a good motivator to help you watch your diet when you can see how many minutes on a cross trainer it takes to burn the calories in a doughnut or packet of crisps, so next time you feel like snacking your more inclined to think how long it would take you to burn off those extra calories.

The cross trainer computer has five functions time, speed, distance, heart rate and calorie counter, you can see your speed in meters, miles or kilometres.

Not all cross trainers offer a smooth ride, the Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer has a superior ride without bumps, slowdowns or vibration thanks to the 5kg flywheel which makes for a natural flowing movement.

The Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer is a dual function cross trainer as you can use it to cross train and to step thanks to the two sets of handlebars, the open handlebars are for cross training and the closed or loop handlebars are for stepping, hold your hands on the pulse sensors to have your heart rate automatically monitored and displayed on the cross trainer computer screen.

This smart looking cross trainer is predominantly white in colour with light orange highlights that really make this a beautiful cross trainer to have in your own home, with a one year warranty and free delivery the Cintura Tempest Cross Trainer is a bargain.
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