Cintura Sports GT Inversion Table.

Cintura Sports GT Inversion Table with Modern Styling and Comfortable Ankle Bars.

Relive sore and aching backs and tired muscles with a modern inversion table, you lie down on the backrest and secure your ankles behind the ankle bars and use the hand wheel to turn yourself upside down or at an angle and your back gets relief by no longer having your body weight on your back so muscles recover and aches and pains stop.
Cintura Sports GT Inversion Table, Modern Styling.

Modern Styling, Comfortable Ankle Bars

The high grade steel tube frame has a maximum user weight of 24 stone making it one of the strongest inversion tables around and the powder coated finish on the metal work not only prevents scratched and paint chips but looks good with its gloss black finish and the bright blue of the mesh backrest which allows your back to breath whilst your on the inversion table.

The easy swing and handrails ensures its easy to turn yourself upside down or at an angle of your choosing and just as easy to turn yourself round again when you have finished your session for back relief and muscle relief its a lot cheaper than sessions with a sports therapist and you can use the inversion table as much as you like any time you like as its back pain relief without resorting to surgery or drugs.

The feet of the inversion table are large and designed to prevent the table moving when your upside down, you can adjust the height of the ankle pads and rollers so everyone will fit onto the table.

You can go fully upside down or at an angle and the board holds you on firmly so you won't strain your legs or your back.

The handrails are long and go all the way round the inversion table so there's always a handrail within easy reach no matter what angle you have selected.
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