Cheap Exercise Bike.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is a high quality yet cheap exercise bike, and comes with all the features you are likely to need including a five function cycling computer, silent magnetic resistance, an adjustable seat that not only can be adjusted up and down but also forward and backward to bring the seat closer to the cycles handlebars for smaller users or further away from the handlebars for larger users.

The silent magnetic resistance system can be infinitely adjusted to any level of resistance you like so whether you are a beginner or using the exercise bike for rehabilitation you will appreciate the lower levels of resistance and then as you improve and become fitter you can try out some of the higher levels of magnetic resistance, when we refer to magnetic resistance we are referring to the resistance on the pedals that you feel as you cycle, it is this resistance that can be adjusted easily depending on your fitness level.

Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, High Quality, Cheap Exercise Bike

Cintura Omega Cheap Exercise Bike.

Magnetic resistance has few moving parts so lasts for many years without breaking down and is near silent in operation as magnets don't make any noise!

Should you get any problems with this high quality yet very low priced exercise bike then your appreciate the one year warranty where they will repair or replace your exercise bike.

With a sturdy stand you won't get any vibration noise and the h=pattern stand means that's its impossible to tip the exercise bike over.

Whilst offering a good range of features the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike remains very simple to use and will suit the beginner or those not wishing to spend a great deal of money on an exercise bike.
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