50 Speed Levels

The Bodytrain 1000w Vibration Plate with 50 Speed Levels and a powerful 1000w motor.

With over 1000 watts of vibration easily controlled from the built in control panel and 50 speed levels you can use this vibration plate to give tiny levels of vibration exercise or huge levels of vibration exercise.

Bodytrain 1000w Vibration Plate with 50 Speed Levels and a powerful 1000w motor

Bodytrain 1000w 50 Speed Level Vibration Plate.

The Bodytrain 1000w Vibration Plate includes hand held ropes or as they are called in the vibration plate world hand held power cords (not the electricity cord variety), these power cords are for you to hold whilst you exercise and provide stability.

There's three different workout programmes to choose from, 50 speed levels and 1000 watts of power, that's a lot of choices and you get full control over every aspect.

The advantage of vibration plates is that the vibration makes your exercise, toning and stretching more effective in fact up to 50% more effective than exercising alone, so if you're not the sort to want to work hard sweating in a gym, but want a quick effective way to tone, lose weight or get fit then consider a vibration plate.

You can do all sorts of exercises on a vibration plate squats, calf raises, lunges, push ups and dips in fact most floor exercises will benefit by being done on a vibration plate where the exercise will be 50% more effective.

The vibration plate is large and heavy and provides great stability and comfort to those wanting a solid vibration plate, built to last and that will cope with daily use for many years, if you're looking for a commercial quality vibration plate consider the Bodytrain 1000w Vibration Plate.

The powerful 1000w motor gives a smooth feel, not jerky or underpowered like some vibration plates, with a maximum user weight of 21 stone you can safely exercise on the Bodytrain 1000w Vibration Plate no matter how heavy or light you are.
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