Treadmill With Transport Wheels.

The BodyTrain T1200 Folding Treadmill with Transport Wheels makes this treadmill very easy to move around the home and very easy to store, wheel the treadmill between the house and garage or house and shed, once folded the treadmill is very easy to move and it's easy to fold too using the hydraulic folding system.

Fold the treadmill by unlocking the running deck and pushing the running deck upwards, it's not heavy because the hydraulic arms do all the lifting for you, then once folded the treadmill wheels touch the floor and you can move the treadmill around the house, home or office with ease.

BodyTrain T1200 Folding Treadmill, with Transport Wheels, Easy to Move

BodyTrain T1200 Folding Treadmill with Transport Wheels.

The wide handlebars are ideal for larger runners of those who just like a bit more room, the long treadmill has a 40 inch running length which is much larger than anyone's stride and enables you to have lots of room for walking, running or jogging.

Monitor your heart rate with the built-in heart rate monitor which displays your heart rate on a built-in screen, simply hold the handrails and the sensors in the handrails will display your heart rate in BPM.

There's two emergency stops on this treadmill, one is on the main display console right in front of you whilst you are running or walking and the other emergency stop is a pull cord emergency stop, you simply hold the cord whilst you run or walk and then should you need to stop in an emergency just pull the cord and the treadmill comes to a complete stop quickly, of course if you don't which to use the emergency stop pull cord then you don't have to plug it in and can still use the normal emergency stop button, but for older persons or people worried about their abilities its a welcome bonus.

14 workout programmes are built-in to the treadmill these programmes are designed with specific goals in mind like lose weight, increase cardio vascular activity, monitor heart rate, quick run, mountain run, hill walk etc or if you prefer you can press the quick start button, select a speed and just run or walk without using any extra buttons or features.

3 separate digital displays show you all your information such as speed, time and heart rate, the advantage of 3 separate screens as that you don't have to press any buttons whilst you are running to select a particular display, everything is immediately in front of you without further button pushing.
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