Stylish Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill is a Stylish Treadmill with an easy to read display perfect for those with poor sight or who like to exercise without wearing glasses.

The display is very easy to see it's not a terrible LCD display it's a full screen that can show graphics as well as text and your running times, the display shows a running track with your position on the running track indicated as well as the position of best times so you can motivate yourself by trying to match the lap record, your time, distance, pulse, heart rate, speed and calories are also displayed on this large screen, all the controls surround the screen and are within easy reach whilst you are running.

BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill a Stylish Treadmill and Easy To Read Display

BodyTrain T1000 Stylish Treadmill.

The screen and general look makes for a very stylish treadmill, even the handlebars are stylish with lean straight handles and shiny stainless steel heart rate sensors on the handlebars, these measure your heart rate as you run by monitoring your pulse through the handlebars.

When not in use the treadmill folds upright for easy storage and takes up half the room as when in its unfolded position so its very easy to push into a corner of a room or even wheel around on the transport wheels provided.

Twelve workout programmes are included and these are designed with set end goals from just run, just walk, just jog to heart rate control programmes, marathon running and general wellbeing programmes.
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