BodyTrain Elite Home Walking Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Elite Home Walking Treadmill for Rehabilitation or Just Keep Fit and Walk Your Way to Fitness.

If you are in need of some rehabilitation and have been told walking is the best type of rehabilitation for you or just enjoy walking as a way to keep fit but worry that there is nowhere safe that you can go walking these days or just don't fancy walking in the cold and rain then buy the BodyTrain Elite Home Walking Treadmill, this home walking treadmill is for use in the home and designed specifically for walking, it's not a runners treadmill it's a walkers treadmill for walking and has all the features you would expect from a quality walking treadmill.
BodyTrain Elite Home Walking Treadmill, Rehabilitation or Just Keep Fit.

Rehabilitation or Just Keep Fit.

With a powerful 200 watt motor that can power the walking treadmill at speeds of nearly four miles an hour and support a maximum body weight of 16 stone you have a quality hard wearing walking treadmill that is strong and sturdy and can walk fast and slow.

This walking treadmill from BodyTrain is folding, so when not in use simply fold up the walking treadmill and store it out of the way, the folded walking treadmill will fit under your bed, in a wardrobe or under the stairs and won't take up much room in your home at all.

The digital display on the handlebar is easy to use, large and readable with some great features like calorie display which will calculate the calories you're burning by walking and display the calories burned on the digital display, if your trying to lose weight by walking this one feature alone makes the BodyTrain Elite Home Walking Treadmill great value for money.

The digital display also shows your time, speed and distance, on the middle of the computer display housing is a big red stop button, if you get into trouble, feel unbalanced or just want to stop immediately, press the big red stop button and the walking treadmill will come to an immediate full stop, a great feature for those feeling unsteady or new to walking treadmills and rehabilitation.
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