Advanced Training Computer.

BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer with Advanced Training Computer and Dual Action Handle Bars all with free delivery.

The advanced training computer has a colour display and very effective, easy to understand graphics with a seven function training computer that displays time taken, time remaining, speed in km, distance travelled, heart rate monitoring and calorie consumption whilst exercising.

BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Advanced Training Computer, Dual Action Cross Trainer

BodyTrain EX90 Elliptical Cross Trainer Advanced Training Computer.

The dual action handlebars mean that you get two exercise machines in the one cross trainer, hold the moving handlebars and you have a elliptical cross trainer, hold the fixed handlebars and you have a step machine, with two exercise machines in one you will never get bored, you can vary your exercises and you get great value for money.

There's pulse sensors mounted on the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars and your hands will be touching the heart rate sensors, your heart rate will then be displayed on the advanced training computer and if you like you can select a exercise programme from the computer that will not only display your heart rate on the screen but will actually adjust the exercise programme as your heart rate changes, a low heart rate would indicate you could work harder and a high heart rate would indicate you should reduce your current level of exercise.

Magnetic resistance is used to create a elliptical cross trainer that's near silent in operation which maybe important to you if you don't like a noisy cross trainer interrupting your train of thought, your book reading while you cross train or indeed your music.

Magnetic resistance also has few moving parts so is much less likely to wear out and there's a twelve month warranty and free delivery too.
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