BodyTrain 2000 Inversion Table.

BodyTrain 2000 Inversion Table, Stand Upside Down To Relieve Backache with 22 Stone Maximum User Weight.

If you suffer with painful backache and have tried all the heat rubs, pain killers and sports massage or physiotherapy then you might find hanging upside down helps, as daft as that # sounds when your upside down the weight on your back is not only removed but reversed with your own weight gently pulling your back into the correct position.
BodyTrain 2000 Inversion Table, Stand Upside Down To Relieve Backache.

Stand Upside Down To Relieve Backache, 22 Stone Maximum User Weight.

For comfort there are separate head and back boards both of which have foam inside and there's an ankle and shin supports with quick release of your ankles and an easy turn handle to put yourself upside down or any angle you like so you can relive stiff and tired muscles and free tight muscles that give you backache by being trapped or causing spasms.

There's special antilock hinges so when you turn yourself upside down your always be able to turn yourself back the right way up and feet stabilisers ensure you don't slide around the floor when your on the inversion table.

Relive the pressure on your back and feel good too with the blood rushing round your body and to your head, you don't have to stay upside down for long just until yu start feeling your back is benefiting.

If your job means your sat in a chair all day or on your feet all day your putting all the weight on your spine and its the constant pressure that's the problem ideally we should all be changing our posture regularly, standing up and then sitting down but with the same posture the back learns this new bad position and causes back ache and muscle problems but by handing upside down on an inversion table your back can unlearn these problems by freeing your back and freeing trapped muscles.
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