BodyTrain 1000 Inversion Table.

BodyTrain 1000 Inversion Table Reduces Back Pain by Hanging Upside Down and Reducing Back Tension.

Standing on your feet all day or sitting down all day is not good for your back, if your experiencing backache and associated back problems like trapped nerves and spasms or just feel your hunched all over the keyboard all day then consider the BodyTrain 1000 Inversion Table which you strap yourself into and then it rotates round until your upside down.
BodyTrain 1000 Inversion Table, Reduces Back Pain.

Reduces Back Pain, Hang Upside Down and Reduce Back Tension

With the weight of your body pulling now relieving your back problems rather than causing them your get immediate relief from the inversion table and the more sessions you do the longer that relief will last as your back muscles learn the new improved position rather than continuing to compound your back.

There's a cushioned hand rail that you use to rotate yourself round until your either fully upside down or at an angle and the backboard is foam padded so your feel comfortable when your upside down or at least as comfortable as its possible to feel whilst your hanging upside down with your ankles and shins locked onto the inversion table.

There's a quick release button for unlocking your ankles and shins so you can get out quickly if you're starting to feel dizzy.

With rubber fastenings your held tightly but not pinched by the inversion table and with the all carbon steel construction it's a strong inversion table where you feel secure.

The metal frame of the table is silver in colour with a black back rest and bloack fastenings on a folding table that folds down for easy storage.

Both the ankle and the shin pads are included so there's no more to buy and depending on your back complaint can provide near instant relief.

There's a one year warranty and free delivery on this inversion table too.
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