Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike the Home Exercise Racing Bike that's a Gym Quality Spinning Cycle.

This is a beautiful looking spinning bike in bright orange with white styling the spinning bike looks fast even when it's stationary, you have racing handlebars, an exercise computer right in front of you, that you can still see even when your racing hard and everything is adjustable too, so it's easy to adjust the racing bike to your shape and size and no tools are required for adjustments making this the all round best home fitness racing bike.
Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike, Home Exercise Racing Bike.

Home Exercise Racing Bike.

A 13kg flywheel supplies lots of inertia to keep your pedalling feeling exactly like a real racing bike, you won't feel any slow downs, or dragging on this spinning bike, the chain drive gives the best performance moving the power from the pedals t the flywheel and creating the most realistic static bike exercise available.

The saddle post and handlebar post look beautiful and are made of stainless steel so won't rust or tarnish, simply turn the hand wheel to adjust the seat not only up and down for height but forwards and backwards to bring you closer or further away from the handlebars, move further away if your large and closer if your of smaller frame.

The beautiful looking bike computer features calories burned which is really useful if your following a calorie controlled diet or just want to know how many calories your burning whilst you cycle or interested to know how far you must cycle to burn off the meal you have just eaten.

The cycle computer also displays time taken, speed and distance travelled on a larger than average digital display which is easy to read even when your powering down on those pedals as quick as you can.
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