Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike which Measures Calories, Pulse and Heart Beat with No Extra Gadgets Required.

If you want to buy a modern exercise bike that can measure your heart beat, calories burned and pulse then your want to buy one that has these features built in and does not require you to buy more gadgets to get it working and does not have lots of wires and measuring sensors all over the place so the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike is recommended.
Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike, Measures Calories, Pulse, Heart Beat.

Measures Calories, Pulse, Heart Beat, No Extra Gadgets Required.

The Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike measures your heart beat by using sensors that are built into the exercise bike handlebars to measure your pulse, the pulse that's present in the palm of your hand is measured when you hold the handlebars, no wires or cables or measuring pads or anything else is required, just hold the handlebars whilst your cycling and your pulse will be measured and displayed on the digital display unit that is part of the exercise computer and is mounted between the handlebars where you can see the screen clearly when your cycling.

The pulse that is measured through the handlebars is then converted into a heart beat reading so your heart rate can be displayed on the exercise computers digital display, the heart rate is calculate from your pulse in the same way that your doctor would take your pulse and calculate your heart rate.

As well as measuring your heart beat holding the handlebars causes the body fat sensor to measure the resistance between your two hands (on each handlebar), the resistance reading can be used to calculate your body fat as different resistance readings mean different amounts of body fat, the body fat measurement is then displayed on screen as BMI Body Mass Index.

The Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike is a stylish looking exercise bike with dark grey body and silver panels and black saddle and handlebars but its not only the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Exercise Bikes good looks that get it noticed the hear rate exercise control programmes automatically adjust themselves to your changing heart rate making it easier or harder to peddle depending on whether your not working hard enough or working too hard.

Because the exercise bike is actually monitoring your heart rate and not simply programmed to follow the exercise programme of some super fit athlete the exercise bike will not push you harder than you want to go to use the heart rate control programmes you enter your maximum heart rate as a percentage that you want to make sure the machine does not exercise you above so for example if your want to be exercised at just over half your total flat out maximum capacity you would enter a percentage like 55% and then the exercise bike would make the peddling easier if ever your heart rate approached 55% of your maximum heart rate.

With heart rate control its like having a sports professional and a doctor standing next to you whilst you exercise so if you know you have to exercise and get fit or just want to shape and tone your body then stay safe with heart rate control.

The resistance system used to make it harder or easier to pedal is electronic magnetic resistance these systems are super efficient and super quiet so if you like to read a book or magazine whilst your cycling and don't want to be disturbed by noisy exercise machines then Body Sculpture have the answer.

Magnetic reissuance as well as being super quiet and efficient has few moving parts so its less likely to break down or go wrong one of the reasons this is proving such a popular exercised bike.
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