Folding Rowing Machine

Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, Folding Rowing Machine for easy storage.

The lightweight aluminium rowing machine has a folding beam which puts the seat beam in a vertical position rather than a horizontal position taking up much less space around the home.

Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, Folding Rowing Machine For Easy Storage

Black Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine.

The magnetic resistance mechanism used means that the resistance to your rowing is provided by a magnetic system which makes very little noise, this is important in some households where neighbours or young children could be easily disturbed by a noisy rowing machine.

Magnetic resistance systems also have fewer moving parts meaning that the rowing machine is less likely to break down as there are less parts to wear out or break so your folding rowing machine will last longer.

The long aluminium beam as well as providing a lightweight rowing machine also contributes to a much smoother glide where the seat moves backwards and forwards on the aluminium beam as if gliding rather than being dragged as is the case on conventional steel beam rowing machines.

The footplates have quick release adjustable straps to quickly start rowing or quickly finish rowing and a movable foot plate, if you have ever got sore feet from rowing chances are you where in a fixed plate rowing machine whereby the foot strap and the fixed plate force your foot into the same position and don't allow for an ergonomic flow of your foot whilst rowing, constraining your foot on a fixed plate rowing machine can lead to cramps, pins and needles or sores, with the Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine the foot plates are fully movable.

You may be wondering why the Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine has the word black in its name, that's because the highlighting on this rowing machine is black, with a black ring around the fan housing and a very smart silver coloured appearance of the rowing machine.

There's a rowing computer which displays the number of strokes you have rowed as well as the amount of calories you have burned, handy if your trying to lose weight.

There's eight levels of resistance to rowing just select an effort level that you are most comfortable with from easy to difficult a handy thumbwheel located just below the rowing bar adjusts the exercise resistance and there's no need to change your seated position to make an adjustment as the resistance knob is directly in front of you.
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