Big Air Universal Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline.

Big Air Universal Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Professional Shape Trampoline and Gymnastics Choice.

Have you ever noticed that professional trampolines used by gymnasts are rectangular but the trampolines everyone has at home in their gardens are round, that's because round trampolines are cheap even if they don't offer a high bounce or any safety measures to stop children falling over each other as they try and bounce together this rectangular trampoline from Big Air is well priced and suitable for the garden you can leave the trampoline outside all year round.
Big Air Universal Rectangular 6ft x 9ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Professional Shape Trampoline.

Professional Shape Trampoline, Gymnastics Choice.

Big Air have made a rectangular trampoline affordable no more will parents have to buy an unsuitable round trampoline that offers no bounce for the gymnast and is dangerous for gymnastics because round trampolines have roll together whereby the springs are not held as tightly like they are on rectangular trampoline so with spongy springs there's no support and children bouncing together are rocked by their friends bouncing and fall over, not suitable at all when your practicing gymnastics.

This rectangular trampoline has a weight rating of 24 stone and so can be used by adults as well as children so if you fancy a bit of gymnastics along with the children then buy this rectangular trampoline.

Gymnastics on a trampoline is a lot safer than on the floor as the trampoline has lots of protection and a safety enclosure to stop you falling out, plus if you do fall your just bounce.

For gymnastics use buy a rectangular trampoline and the Big Air rectangular trampoline comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame which is rust proof and a one year warranty on all other parts plus there's free delivery by courier so your children will be bouncing on their own rectangular trampoline in no time at all.
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